Guilford College

Table of Contents


  1. Pokéstops

    We've mapped out all of Guilford's Pokéstops and gyms for you in Pokémon Go!


    1. Pokémon Go Gym

      The sign at our front entrance is a Pokémon Go gym! Which team will prevail?
    2. Levi Coffin Marker

    3. Take a Seat Sculpture

    4. New Garden Hall

    5. Battle of New Garden Marker

    6. The Deer Bronze Statue

    7. Open Form Steel Sculpture

    8. Sundial

    9. White Sculpture

    10. Greenleaf Metal Sign

      This one's a bit confusing. The Greenleaf Coffee Co-Op moved from Mary Hobbs Hall (where the Pokéstop is located) to Milner Hall, so the metal sign is no longer there. But it still shows up as a Pokéstop!
    11. Frank Family Science Center

    12. Bauman Telecommunications Center

    13. Metal Bug on Bryan Hall

    14. The Hut

    15. Campus Life Gazebo

    16. Stone Fountain

    17. William E. Fulcher Botanical Gardens

    18. Positivity Wave

      The Positivity Wave was a previous winner of the Rachel and Allen Weller Memorial Sculpture Competition. The most recent winner (and what is currently at the Pokéstop) is the second sculpture pictured, "Communal Narrative" by William Kimmell '15. 
    19. The Lecture Sculpture

      This Pokéstop is another beautiful example of student sculpture throughout Guilford's campus.